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You can order Aria's "Daydreaming" debut album at a discounted price from the Artist Merchandise Store on her record company's site at worldconquestrecords.comThe album, CD singles off the album titled "I still believe in Fairy Tales" and "Embrace it" can all be bought at the World Conquest Records artist merchandise store. Her 3rd single "Just me and my girls" is only available via digital download (order it below)! Free shipping on all items! You can access the store by using the shopping cart button found on every Artist page of the World Conquest Records site.

The physical CD single for "Embrace it" contains a bonus track - the fan-dedicated song "Butterfly" which is also on her "Daydreaming" album. The physical CD single for "I still believe in Fairy Tales" contains 2 bonus tracks - a pop version of "I still believe in Fairy Tales" which is also on her "Daydreaming" album. The CD single also includes an exclusive version of the pop version without its acapella intro. The "I still believe in Fairy Tales" and "Embrace it" CD singles can be ordered right now from the World Conquest Records Artist Merchandise Store!

Or if you want to buy the digital download of the single, other songs on the album or the entire album instead, see below: